WWE News: The Rock reacts on fans not identifying him as the first black WWE champion

Amidst the shocking mainevent push for Kofi Kingston, many fans have been speculating about his eventual title win at WrestleMania, and are claiming that he is going to be the first black WWE Champion.

Though a bunch of fans tried to explain to them how The Rock was the first ever black WWE Champion in its history, it would not convince the others as they felt he was projected as a Samoan Champion and was never portrayed as a black champ.

The Rock himself decided to get involved in this debate, he answered a tweet which said he’s just a Samoan Champion:

The Rock was in no mood to joke about this, he just made it clear from his perspective that he identifies as both Black and Samoan champion, and also ended up saying that he surpassed the ‘race term’ altogether.

Updated: March 21, 2019 — 9:41 pm

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