Enzo Amore tweets for the first time since Big Cass’ heel turn

Enzo Amore tweets for the first time since RAW mainevent

Enzo Amore for the first time since being betrayed, tweeted out regarding Big Cass’ actions on RAW. He even mentioned Connor McGregor once again.

What happened so far?

Enzo and Cass were one of the most over teams in the WWE, they joined the developmental brand (NXT) in 2013 with Carmella as their valet. The duo debuted on the mainroster on the RAW episode after Wrestlemania 32 to a very warm reception.

The team came very close on many different occasions to become the RAW Tag Team Champions but failed to capture the gold, they were rumored to win the strap at Wrestlemania 33 but sudden change in plans with Hardys return meant Enzo and Cass were not getting the moment.

On the latest episode of RAW, Big Cass revealed himself to be the mystery attacker and even explained why he could never be successful in the WWE and blamed it all on Enzo before delivering a Big Boot to the Certified G.

What’s the story?

Enzo for the first time since the betrayal took it to twitter to express his emotions on the incident and he made it clear that he would not throw in the towel despite Cass turning on him

What’s next?

Enzo and Cass may settle their business once and for all at Great Balls of Fire in a singles match before moving Enzo to 205 Live

Our Thoughts

Splitting up a team that is too over with the fans is never a great idea, with Goldust-RTruth and Slater-Rhyno duos being split too, RAWs Tag Team division will have some tough time generating fresh feuds

Updated: June 22, 2017 — 7:27 am

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