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WWE Smackdown Results: AJ Styles to defend title in handicap match, Former Champion returns to Smackdown and more

WWE Champion AJ Styles kicks off Smackdown LIVE to a huge reception and talks about defending the championship even at Wrestlemania. He then addresses Sami Zayn’s interferences last week and the man who was responsible for it. Daniel Bryan then interrupts him and as soon as he takes the mic, Shane McMahon’s music hits and […]

WWE Smackdown Results: Unexpected Tournament announced, Huge No.1 Contenders match, Heel Turn teased and more

Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan kicks off tonight’s show and starts by addressing Dolph Ziggler’s actions last week, and since Ziggler has not answered his phone calls or text messages, it looks like Ziggler voluntarily relinquished his United States Championship. So Bryan announces that there will be a tournament to crown the new US Champion. […]

WWE Smackdown Results: Special Guest Referee for Massive Match, Two Superstars added to Clash of Champions match and more

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn kick off Smackdown in San Diego, they address last week’s win over Randy Orton. Owens talks about how McMahon family’s vendetta over certain superstars is now a trend, they bring about examples of Bret Hart, Stone Cold and Daniel Bryan. Then Zayn starts explaining the terms in the arena, he […]

WWE Smackdown Results: Captain for Team Smackdown named, 3 superstars confirmed added to the team, Styles gets attacked and more

WWE Smackdown LIVE Results from Norfolk, Virginia Tom Phillips has returned and welcomes us to Smackdown LIVE in Norfolk, Virginia and advertises the matches official for the episode of Smackdown LIVE. Shane McMahon kicks off Smackdown LIVE and tells that he’s been asked often why he decided to lay siege on RAW, he explains that […]