5 ways Kofi Kingston can win the Gauntlet match next week

3. Samoa Joe gets distracted by one of his foes

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Rey Mysterio pinned the current US Champion Samoa Joe in a four man tag team match last night on Smackdown LIVE, which meant that his feud with Truth and Mysterio is far from over.

Since R-Truth’s US Title rematch was abruptly cancelled, he may distract Joe and cost him the gauntlet match only to get his rematch on the episode after that one.

Alternatively, Rey Mysterio can neutralize Joe should he try any heel tactics on Kofi to win the gauntlet match.

Thankfully a lot of superstars are currently eyeing towards Joe’s US Title, which makes it easy for Kofi to pass through him in the gauntlet match with the help of any outside interference.

Updated: March 13, 2019 — 7:33 pm

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