Strowman to seek complete revenge, Balor’s next opponent, Lesnar’s reply to Mahal and more details

WWE Monday Night RAW Preview: October 23 2017

After an intense pay-per-view last night, Team RAW will be looking for some more huge spots on RAW tonight to create the hype for Survivor Series which is the next pay-per-view. Since it’s a dual brand pay-per-view, RAW and Smackdown will share the build-up work.

Talking about TLC, we have seen some great matches in Styles x Balor, Mainevent Handicap match, Cruiserweight Tag match and more. The pay-per-view was well received by the fans and seems like a big hit for Team Red just before a showdown against Team Blue.

Here is our preview for the TLC fallout episode of RAW:

5. Asuka moves on to better things?

Though not up to the mark, Asuka and Emma put on a decent starter at TLC and with the kind of pop Asuka received, one thing is for sure that she’s going for better things soon.

After locking up Emma in the Asuka Lock, what’s next in store for “The Empress of Tomorrow”?

Since Mickey James and Alexa Bliss don’t seem to be done with each other, we may not see an instant championship match for Asuka, but do expect her to cross paths with Emma once again. We’ll have to tune in to RAW to know more.

4. The Realest Champ in the room

Enzo Amore just like that became a two time Cruiserweight Champion after using some cheap tricks against Kalisto to put down the champ at TLC.

As seen before TLC, Amore seems to have a faction running and it will be interesting to see if they take down Kalisto once again on RAW, tonight.

Well, do expect another celebration segment for the new Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore on RAW.

3. What’s next for Finn Balor?

Balor’s run right now is pretty much confused, he was supposed to face Wyatt until the latter got infected by Viral Meningitis thus making a dream match possible in Styles vs. Balor who just stole the show.

However Wyatt is not expected to be on RAW also, so what will Balor do? Will he just brag about his win over The Phenomenal One?

The road just seems to look very thin for Balor right now, with almost nothing to do.

2. Huge price to pay for The Big Red Machine

In the mainevent of TLC, shockingly WWE went with a turn of Strowman atleast temporarily turning him babyface. All the four superstars ganged up on Strowman and put him inside the garbage truck.

You never do stuff like that to Strowman and expect him to forgive you, Strowman will look for revenge against each and every member of the team (Miz, Sheamus, Cesaro and Kane)

We’ll have to wait and see what sort of carnage Strowman will create on RAW tonight

1. The Beast answers The Maharaja

As seen on Smackdown LIVE last week, The WWE Champion challenged Jinder Mahal for a showdown of the champions to which WWE confirmed that Lesnar along with Heyman will be on RAW to answer the challenge.

Well we all know Brock isn’t a superstar to run away from a challenge, we all know the challenge will be accepted and it’s just a formality to announce them for a special segment.

But still we will have to watch The Beast along with his client Paul Heyman on RAW to know more details about the clash at Survivor Series.



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