9 superstars who kicked out of The Undertaker’s Tombstone

6. Shawn Michaels

Once again a sequal from the above scenario, The Undertaker faced Shawn Michaels in the next two Wrestlemanias and Michaels managed to kick out of the Tombstone in both the matches. At one point in the match (Wrestlemania 25), The Undertaker executed a Tombstone after taking two Sweet Chin Musics’, but failed to put down Michaels for a three count. However he went on to win the bout after delivering another Tombstone thus making it 17-0.

The feud would continue for next year but this time in a Streak vs. Career match, Michaels was ready to put his career on the line. It was a solid 5 star match, Michaels shocked everyone by kicking out of two Tombstones in the match. However Undertaker came out victorious after connecting with a jumping tombstone thus retiring Michaels and extending his streak to  18-0.

Updated: October 23, 2017 — 12:44 pm

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