9 superstars who kicked out of The Undertaker’s Tombstone

7. Edge

A sequal from the above scenario, after Edge costed Undertaker a title match both the superstars were involved in a feud which came all the way to Wrestlemania 24. But we all know when it comes to Wrestlemania, The Deadman just won’t stop.

Edge kept his World Heavyweight Championship on the line at Wrestlemania 24 in an attempt to break the streak. Amidst the match, the referee was knocked out and Edge smashed Taker with a television camera and attempted to deliver a tombstone but The Undertaker reversed it into his tombstone, however a new referee had to run in to count which gave Edge enough time to kick out.

Despite late distractions from Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder, Undertaker after taking a Spear locked in The Hell’s Gate to which Edge would tap out and hand over the World Heavyweight Championship to Taker. This improved his Wrestlemania record to 16-0.

Updated: October 23, 2017 — 12:44 pm

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