7 Tallest Superstars in WWE History

Not many superstars on the current roster can boast about their size but we’ve seen many tall superstars in the WWE, you may be familiar with a few like Big Show, Kane and Big Cass but they are not the tallest ones to step foot in the WWE.

We’ve covered all the SEVEN TO EIGHT FOOTERS to ever step foot in the WWE:

7. Kane

The Devil’s favorite Demon Kane has been out of action for a while and to be honest fans don’t even know which brand he belongs to, now. However Kane is 7’0 and is taller than his storyline brother The Undertaker.

Kane is one of the terrifying figures to step foot in a WWE ring, he was portrayed as an emotionless monster during his infamous run, and his debut at Badd Blood pay-per-view 1997 was well received by the WWE Universe.

Kane’s days with the WWE may soon come to an end but he will remain as one of the best characters in the WWE for a long time.

Updated: July 16, 2017 — 4:23 pm

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