5 current mid-carders and jobbers who can become the next Jinder Mahal

The WWE Universe knows who the main eventers, who the mid carders and who the jobbers are. Most matches in the WWE have become predictable only because of these categories, for instance if a main event superstar is wrestling a jobber, we know the result beforehand because of the priority the top star is given.

So the booking team has to come with something like recycling the jobbers and surprising the fans by turning them into top stars atleast for some time which will be fresh to watch.

Jinder Mahal was a constant jobber, but as soon as he came to Smackdown LIVE he became and overnight star and defeated the then WWE Champion Randy Orton in his first attempt to become the champ. Mahal was like the last guy you expected to win the championship right?

Here we present to you 5 current mid-carders and jobbers who ‘might’ surprise you like Jinder Mahal did:

5. Curtis Axel

Curtis Axel was a top star during his earlier days, he faced Triple H on his debut and was the Intercontinental Champion and a Paul Heyman guy too, he was slated to become one of the greatest heels in the company but an unfortunate injury and Ryback’s insertion into the picture made it impossible for Axel to become the star he once was.

Axel went on to win the Intercontinental Championship at WWE Payback 2013 and would hold it for 155 days before dropping it to Big E. This led to the start of downfall for Axel, he was paired with Ryback and the duo never made any progress.

Axel is a talented superstar and was expected to become the top heel of the company if not for change of plans. However he can be one superstar who can surprise the WWE Universe like Jinder Mahal did.

Updated: October 23, 2017 — 12:49 pm


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